Happy 6th Birthday Kak Sofea Hana

Happy 6th Birthday Kak Sofea Hana,
Thank you for helping me being a better mother, 
Thank you for helping me out in my everyday errands,
Thank you for being a good kakak,
Thank you for being patient with me (mom),
Thank you Sofea Hana, you will always be my baby.

I pray for you to be a great muslimah, an idol, a great akak, a great leader and happy until syurga.
As you always utter 
" Sofea Hana nak buat baik, nak buat apa yg Allah suka, sebab Sofea nak masuk syurga"
"Bila mak n abah dah masuk kubur nanti, Sofea yang jaga adik2, Sofea xtakut sbb Sofea ada Allah"

Swimming at Atok Man's place

One of Mom's new year resolution is to learn how to swim..so i guess we'll have a lot of swimming, soaking, or any underwater activities for this year :)

So, this is our activity last Sunday - 8th Jan 2017.
Mom has started her first swimming lesson yesterday, coach by her very own private  instructor - mr.husband...ngeee

natures view from kid's vision must be nicer. 

Abah in his effort to bring Qesha to the adult's pool.
3 of them already enjoying the coldness of the water. 

Enjoying water. 
Safa stuck in her new float.i think she just "redha"  where the wind blew her float to.

Okay, here's the Atok, thanks so much for giving us permission to use your entry to this pool !
Awesome and coolest Atok ever :)

#throwback - we love trolley!

Happy morning & happy shopping guys, it's towards end of year 2016 and it's a day pass the payday, let's reload our groceries for the month!

Like i said, this is throwback post..now we are no longer stocking -up the sweet drink- The melon drink used to be our most favorite drink, but we have to say bye- bye to it for now (yes, we tried to reduce the sugar intake in the effort to lose weight) hehe

Overloaded trolley with items and delighted human-being

Yeahhhhh..there are all our priceless trolleys :)

#throwback - Sofea Hana's 5th birthday

We just had small family celebrations at Secret Recipe for her 5th birthday as 7th March 2016 fell on weekday (Monday to be exact).

Plus, mommy is in "heavy -weight" condition, bearing at least 2.5kg small creature inside the tummy.

Does she has my eyes??? 

Not an easy task to snap a static picture with the kids when they tend to move all the times even after the yelling of "hey,dont do that", "look at the camera", " zara!", "qesha pandang depan" etc etc.

Well, i think we can just surrender to the fact that, kids are always kids and we love them just the way they 
p/s : no pic of cutting cakes everything - (yes,i know even the pictures doesnt tell you there was for birthday ceelebration). The things is i couldn't find the pic of the cakey moment in my gallery, I'm sure it was in my hubby's phone.
but, for the record, we did cut the cakes, i can assure you on that one
 ( this to just in case my Sofea Hana asking me in future about "where's the cake???")
da da da

The Wolf is coming to town

yeayyyy, mr.wolf is coming again. we want restock and refreshe our activity books!
more books - more activities - less boring time- less cranky - less tablets - less tvs
etc etc etc

This is a guess game actually, we have to tell them which of the books that the characters in the frame is coming from.
I just knew Dr.Seuss. that's it :P

Below is some of our catch this year. Since mak still not even close to finish my read for last year's purchased (kah kah kah), so this year i bought books that i am quite confident that i can make it
The diary of wimpy kids - LOL. tazabaarrrrrr nak baca, but i still could not find my leisure time, weekend is full of spring cleaning, and by the time i finished, i was too exhausted and decided to just go to sleep instead..haihhh

This one for Safa raisha. she used it, not for reading, but eating..LOL.
That why we choose the cheapest one- only RM2.

Time ni, Abah was performing the Maghrib's prayer.Qesha kena denda to sit-still at her position to ensure that the cap bottle on her head doesnt fall..haha.
cute nya.

Sofea can swim already, and Zara is so daring ! ~

It's school holiday, 2 weeks before the 2017 school session open.
we have sent sofea hana and zara ranea for 2 nights stay at ucu's house.They are all intensely excited as this means , they can play in the swimming pool all day!! yuhuuuuu

Then, We were so surprised to see that Sofea Hana able to swim already!!!- after 2 days :):):)  so impressed with her. 
Yes, she's very much still at the beginner stage, but ya, she made it.

Mak jugak yang xpandai berenang lagi.haha.

okay girls, we just back from teluk kemang the other day, and now the pool? they have became so tanned this time.

And Zara was unstoppable with the float. hehe. ya, as usual, she can play just by her ownself- she doesn't have to wait for you :P


Abah requested to snap her new look without the beard. No more resemblance of wak doyok..hehe.
Safa looks worry- o, why dear??

Safa Raisha the pandalela ready to jump! get settttttttttttttttttttttt...go!

Picnicking at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson

It was sudden plan to spend our family weekend gathering at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson. A one day trip with 3 cars of 4 families :)

We prepared some dishes the night before - nasi lemak, keropok, egg and sardin sandwiches.
We off from home at about 8.00am plus, while the initial plan is after the Subuh prayer :P

VIP of the day - missing in the pic is Datin Safa Raisha which is in the stroller

 Zara enjoyed playing with the sand toys so much where most of the times, she'll left alone while the other cousins went to the water.
Sand quality is good
Water cleanliness is not bad
Very windy
wavy water which the kids enjoy jumping & skipping


Photos before we left at 5.00pm. At that time, there were tides where the water almost reached the walls where we parked our belongings.

In short, it's totally worthwhile. We have pleasurable and relaxing time.
Yes, to visit again next time :)

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